I Have Time

beginning with words

Time, can be easily your best friend or worst enemy. But my college time is over in a few months and I find a need to right this down. So many essays, should spell out: breakdowns every five seconds. Instead I’m gonna watch Riverdale (will talk more on that later), Holidays (if you celebrate them or hate them, both?) and books (yes, I know typical, I have to be an enthusiast of something or as other people call them: my “hobby”).

So, a little about the not so interesting things about me. I’m just gonna put it other that I like “weird” movies. You know the movies that never get those awards but are good and still under rated. With the exception of a few. Tv? Hmm, not Law and Order or any other cop show or Grey’s Anatomy. The Walking Dead stopped being bearable, I’m just over it but I am not a hater. Shows that never end just die for me or if they overkill them and trying to keep money and viewers going. But I like Stranger Things and Riverdale, The Middle. I’m old enough to have watched The Brady Bunch, The Nanny, and I love Lucy (you might not recognize any of these). I’ve seen Cartoon Network, Disney Channel and Nickelodeon at it’s prime: the 1990’s, early 2000s.

Quirks: I still own a VHS and DVD player and as long as it doesn’t stop working: I’m keeping it. Exercise sucks and everyone suffers doing it because we’d all get heart attacks without it. Friends? My siblings, it’s too much work to have “friends” who you really just matter or have too much of their shit to deal with to have any free time (happens). I love Halloween, costumes, not-so-scary-movies, and decorating. If I had the funds I’d be an interior decorator, because aside from paying for furniture and vases I wouldn’t need math (I hate math ugh!). Music, well that’s a bit broad so all I can say is, I’ll talk about it later. This blog is about everything and anything that whispers it’s way into my life because I have time, I like to write and no I don’t have a diary, I make lists with sticky notes.

Well, that’s it. I’m gonna watch Riverdale, drink my soda (Dr.Pepper is my favorite), and ignore people while I read. Do you believe people can multitask?



A Fandom: Game of Thrones (Sansa)

I’ve been watching Game of Thrones since season three was airing on HBO and now that I am all caught up? Well I think Sansa needs to be killed off! Throughout the entire series I have always thought her character was completely useless. I mean there is really, no nice way to say this but really what does Sansa add to the show? Absolutely nothing!

In season one Sansa was the stupid girl who wanted to marry a future king and reproduce like babies like chickens…She wanted to be a Queen, simple as that. When her father is murdered, I get it. It’s survival but she didn’t really do anything (not even attempting to poison Cersi or Joffrey) to defend herself. She was just this crying sack and annoying as hell.  In season two and three she ends up marrying Tyrion when Joffrey is offered another bride. She ultimately gets away because Joffrey dies (little shit was murdered and died too fast) but ends up with Lord Bailish (also known as Little Finger) and is betrayed (shocker? nope).

The only thing other than crying she does is look “pretty”. What is the appeal of her character? What really makes her so “great” that she outlived so many more cool and powerful characters? Nothing. And that’s really been more of the problem. I don’t mind that they kill off characters, I mind characters have no purpose. When she does meet up with John (in season six I believe) she acts like she knows everything *eye roll*. Her exact words are “you don’t know Cersi, I do” which really doesn’t make her an expert on battle strategies or war. Of course by then she’s already been married and escaped her repulsive husband Ramsey (after throwing his lover off the castle wall with the idiot Theon). In fact since her “return” to the North (aka Stark land) and reunion with Jon Snow (who she never cared about as a brother) she is this suddenly an intelligent person (not!).  The entire season I was waiting for her to turn the knife of her brother’s back (I mean really, why not?) Her loyalty isn’t on any side. She wants to be the next Cersi (in everything) and rule.  In fact in the final season I hope Sansa is killed off. I’m sick of seeing her face, and her little comments of power (or what she thinks she knows).

Has she really learned anything? In all these seasons of being a doormat for cruelty…will her character bring anything to the ending? That’s really the only thing I hope they answer. She didn’t take up the chance to escape with The Hound or Brianne. Somehow I can’t see her sacrificing herself for her brother or sister. Married? Probably not. She wants Bran to take over Winterfell but he’s not gonna do that ever. And she’ll certainly try to get rid of Arya…(try because I don’t think that is possible *happy evil smile*). Season Eight which will conclude 2019! (and that’s when we’ll know what happens).


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In the Silence of a Room

Life is hard, there’s always a reminder that we could be doing better. And when we don’t? We let ourselves down. Letting other people down is easy, they’ve had their minds made up about us. Or we don’t care what they think long enough to care. Sometimes it’s not out of cruelty but rather pre-determined ideas that have set us up a certain way.

Lately I think about death. I could never end my life because I love my family, despite the difficulties I could never be that selfish. And I’m pretty selfish already. But it does make me wonder about those who ended life so much sooner. I mean these people (teens, mothers or uncles, whoever it is) are in pain, their in so much pain all the time and how they’ve been dealing with that pain is complicated.

I’ve been thinking about my own pain. It’s strange to think my own failures hurt like a pain in your side or a wisdom tooth pain. But it’s there. It hurts. So where did it start? With me, myself and I of course. My anxiety, my fear of everything (or almost everything) maybe my fear of driving, fear of commitment or fear of being in a job I don’t like forever. Maybe that’s what has stopped me before. And sometimes we try, we try so hard and it doesn’t amount to anything. So how do we change this? I have no idea. Right now, well right now I won’t lie but I’d settle for a job. While my mind and life or the universe figures out what to do with me.  Yup, still in pain as I write this. Still in pain for all the things that should be easy, that other people can seem to do flawlessly but not me…Still in pain as I figure it out.

Thinking about death or suicide doesn’t mean you are dangerous or threatening to do anything but it does mean we are aware how it happens or why it happens. It isn’t the answer, not for me but unfortunately it is the answer for so many others. And that is pretty sad.

A Fandom: Sailor Moon Crystal


Sailor Moon returned….with new animation, a story more connected to the popular manga and more amazing than the original!

I have to say as a fan of Sailor Moon, I never expected Sailor Moon Crystal (the newer version) would be better than the original. Of course I was way younger when the series first premiered in the 1900’s. Although the last two seasons were never dubbed in English and we were missing one or two movies. The most interesting change was how important the representation of Sailor Uranus is now…So for those who don’t know because it is totally possible since, the U.S. ultimately did not finish airing the series but Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune were together (yes, together together, as in a relationship!). In fact in Sailor Moon Crystal, Sailor Uranus is bisexual and Sailor Neptune is a lesbian. They are still together! How times change! Representation is so important these days and to see them now, its like Sailor Moon knew something we didn’t lol. In fact, Sailor Uranus is my favorite of the older sailor scouts. She seems the most concerned with keeping peace but knowing her mission might ultimately make her a villain.

I also loved how the dubbed English voices sounded, not too young or too old…it was just right. You can watch it both in English or Japanese with subtitles. Usagi, (also known as Serena) is still the same goofy, clumsy girl with pigtails who befriends anyone with an open heart and hates homework. Mamuro Chiba (Darian) is also a high school student in this one! In the original he was in college, which I found a bit much to accept because Usagi was still in middle school. One other major difference was Nephlite, Zoezite, Kunzite and Jedite are actually all male! And they have a better interaction with the story and play a major heartbreaking role at the end of season one. I think of all the younger sailor scouts, Venus was the one I had the struggle with and I originally liked her a lot! In Sailor Moon Crystal Venus plays a role of leader, knowing more than the other girls and being very, cold in a way. I don’t know what had to do with it but I’m very interested to see how her character develops.

Sailor Moon Crystal also included Chibi Usa (Renee aka Usagi and Mamuro’s daughter!) the same annoying little brat! Okay, so from the beginning I didn’t like Chibi Usa, she was always…well a little kid. I always felt like her character interfered between Usagi and Mamuro’s relationship, not in the worst way but in a third wheel kind of way. I totally understood the need to get Chibi Usa home but….I didn’t like how she didn’t add anything into the story other than a really freaky future surprise for Usagi and Mamuro. I mean, how weird can it be to see your daughter?! But ultimately Chibi Usa does play a major role later…in season three. And that’s when we meet the older sailor scouts who are hiding secrets of their own.This is where the story changes because in the original we know all the sailor scouts are the “good” guys but in the newer series, they have a mission of their own. More importantly we get to see how it all plays out before season four.

I’m currently still watching Sailor Moon on Hulu which is the only way that I know of is available in the U.S. But since I love Sailor Moon Crystal, I plan to buy all the season! The first three are available and I really want all the Funko pops too! Omg! I think I’m also gonna say that Funko Pop really made any and all fandom’s, feel connected and now its possible to have all the pops as collectibles or toys and their so cute! (I will be doing a post on Funko Pops because I know most people like them or hate them). In the meantime, I do want to know how season four of Sailor Moon Crystal will be released. It was rumored that season four and five would actually be movies instead, which I don’t mind as long as it’s a good movie. And I will also be collecting at least the regular funko pops of sailor moon!


Incredibles 2! (Fourteen Years Later) Review

It was too long…

The waiting I mean!

I honestly don’t know anything about animation so I can’t say whether those fourteen years at Pixar/Disney had a cause to wait fourteen years for a sequel. I was nine when the first movie was released and now I’m twenty-three. Imagine how cool it was for kids who got to see the sequel months after watching The Incredibles? So not fair!

You can tell they did some editing with the art, small changes in color and for characters like Tony Ridenger a complete make over! I think everyone loved seeing Jack-jack. A cute baby with so many powers, it makes you wonder how his siblings only got one or two powers. At it’s heart, Incredibles 2 is about giving super kids the option to pursue hero-work or be normal instead being isolated.

It also means that being a hero is not just a costume, it means doing your “good” might not be good enough for others. We know from The Incredibles that Syndrone (aka Buddy) killed many supers and those he didn’t find could very well still be alive and hiding. While most of the supers who show up in the movie are adult, I’d like to see more kids with powers like Dash and Violet.

I loved seeing Violet go through the stress of being a super in high school. You got crushes and you get embarrassed, your a teen and life is hard. Dash, still too young to feel awkward is happy to just eat Chinese food and maybe be understand his math homework. I loved how Bob (Mr. Incredible) had to be the stay-at-home-parent. It’s not easy with three kids, mood swings, the math homework and what to make for dinner every night or knowing when to just not butt-in is hard. Jack-jack was especially challenging, with so many powers even a normal baby is work, getting him to eat or sleep, letting the parents sleep lol.

I laughed a lot during this movie and if they make a third movie, I really wish the wait time would not be fourteen years! Maybe five or eight I can live with but more than that? I just don’t know what excuse or justifiable reason would exist for another film to take so long. I would totally go watch it again. I loved Edna too, so cool and sly.

But if there any disappointments..its the new super heroes that were introduced. I felt they were kind of lame, maybe an after thought because they didn’t really offer anything to the story. They were just introduced to Elastagirl from her boss.

Things That Break

I broke last May when I was told I would graduate a semester early. A whole summer, I stayed in shock and not feeling ready. I can still remember the day I walked across that stage to get my diploma and how much I hated it…College, for the most part is not a fancy dorm, where you can have cool roommates and meet cute guys all while finding yourself. Nope, not unless you have a trust fund or your parents pay for college. In real life, you do most of the college online, can barely afford textbooks and dislike your professors.

I broke for the second time, when realized how much change I had to make. I hate change, I cope and really, gradually (like snail pace) deal with these changes. Again, growing up is not that fabulous. You have to pay bills, constantly toss a resume and transcripts around and the cost of living is pricey. It sounds ominous right? But there are good things, you just can’t see the good without the bad and vice versa.

And last December I broke my laptop…After eight years the old laptop was put out to pasture but the new one only lasted a year, which is basically how long most laptops are expected to work. And I can’t replace it right now…but I hope to soon, really soon,

What didn’t break? My phone, my craving for books and my need for soda. Yeah, people break and things break. It often comes down to timing, when we can handle the broken pieces or replace something that was once there.

Cars 3 (Movie Review) and Pixar

I wanted to cry………and I did after it was over.

Is it just me or is Pixar becoming a little dark? Bludgeoning our childhood with Toy Story 3, where Andy basically grows up, gives Woody away and he meets a new kid (cute kid, but still). Yeah, now we have to suffer the pain of Toy Story 4?

Then we have Cars 3, which reminds us that were all old and their are new generations of people, cars or whatever not is always around the corner…maybe not around the corner but enough that it sometimes intimidates us.

Cars 3, is about change, inevitably and then about giving someone a chance to built something…new. Cruz Ramirez, a girl car can race and gave up her chance to be something. And I think Storm is a bastard-asshole with a cool paint job (which I hate, that I think is kind of cool) *uggggggghhhhhhh*

“I decide when I’m done” is what Lightning McQueen says when they wish to retire him. And he goes out in style!!!!!!!!!!!!

And my sister cried when she realized (it took her the whole movie to realize Doc Hudson was gone, gone.) Pixar, isn’t just for kids, its for adults or kids like me who are adults on grew up on that stuff in its prime.

I can’t wait to see what The Incredible 2 brings out….fourteen years later.

Oh and will we see more Storm and Cruz? Maybe….I mean we do have a Toy Story 4

When The Other Shoe Falls

College, for most is the internal nightmare of having to pay for education (for those unlucky ones without a trust fund, like me). You drain, bleed and cry. I can totally see why people want to take shots of liquor to ease the insanity. College charges you everything, with little notice and yeah any self respecting person is gonna pissed off. I mean these places think you can pull money out of thin air, out of someones ass or suddenly turn rich, you know because that shit happens everyday (not).

I’m going to have post-traumatic stress disorder after this. I hate how it is portrayed everywhere as this right of passage, when all it does is make you wonder how the fuck people get through it. These are literally the worse years of your life. You will cry over grades, financial aid and the asshole professors and people who work at any of the campus offices because a)they just want your money b) sometimes don’t know what their talking about c) keep you on hold for half-and hour d) they hang up on your phone call or ask for a blasted voicemail. Yeah if there’s a hell out there, it college and the people in it.

The bleeding comes in term papers which for some reason have to be stupidly long. You wake up one day hoping to have a decent day and then the other shoe falls.